Garcinia Cambogia- What You Should Know

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Some manufacturers pack pure garcinia cambogia in their product while others add volumes of filler ingredients that can negatively impact an individual’s’ health. Because of this, even as you use the supplement to facilitate weight loss, it is good to be informed about the possible garcinia cambogia side effects. Before looking into that though, it is important to know how to take garcinia.

As long as the recommended dosage is adhered to, Garcinia Cambogia is a safe supplement. The fruit, which is commonly grown in Indonesia, contains niacin, phosphorous, riboflavin, thiamine, and iron –nutrients all which are good for the body. Besides, the rind of the fruit contains hydroxycitric acid (HCA) which helps in suppressing appetite and preventing storage of excess fat. Despite that, just like any other product, garcinia comes with side effects whose intensities vary based on the additives included during processing.

 How to Take Garcinia

Garcinia supplement is a natural fruit extract but even with that, you have to adhere to certain dosages to limit the chances of a reaction. More importantly, you have to be careful about where you buy so you don’t obtain a product whose quality has been compromised. This means purchasing a well packaged and clearly labeled product. Ideally, the supplement should have pure garcinia and at least 50 percent HCA. Where the content is not indicated in detail or not stated at all, you should avoid and seek a different alternative.

The prescribed amount should be between 500-2500mg a day. To give the ingredients enough time to work though, you should take the garcinia pill with a glass of water an hour before (and not after) you have your meal. The exact dose will be based on the supplement you get; meaning you may need to take one pill a day in some instances, and two in other cases. Also, your body weight, health, and diet will impact how much you need to use. Regardless of that, it’s worth noting that neither a low dosage nor an excessive amount of garcinia will produce a favorable result.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects
If you are on medication however, you should consult your physician before you begin to use garcinia. This will help you avoid the risk of interactions. Remember, even though garcinia is known to be safe, there’s no clear indication regarding the reactions it may cause in case it comes into contact with other chemicals in the body. Likewise, pregnant women or individuals with chronic ailments should seek advice before using the product. Even so, what ultimately matters is that you obtain a quality supplement because then, you won’t have to be too concerned about complications.

Garcinia Cambogia Side Effects

In its natural form, Garcinia cambogia can contribute to increased muscle mass, lowered stress, reduced blood cholesterol, enhanced metabolism and effective weight loss. However, according to some reports, it can also lead to lower blood sugar, meaning it can adversely affect an individual on diabetes treatment. There have also been reports of liver damage that have been made by patients after consuming the product; though such occurrences have been attributed to the additional compounds included in the supplement. The garcinia fruit itself is safe for consumption, so is the extract in its pure form. Some Negative Effects of Garcinia Cambogia may include discomfort in the digestive system, headache, diarrhea and nausea.

Some individuals may also experience an allergic reaction once they consume the product. Such reactions may consist of hives, chest tightness, skin rash, wheezing, itching, and swelling of the face, throat, and hands. In such cases, the person should see a doctor to have the problem evaluated. The garcinia cambogia side effects aside, once you get the supplement, the most important thing to do is to stick to the prescription and follow the directions given on the product label.


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